Hillside Youth TALK Nonviolence

0728017-Hillside TALK Youth Day of Nonviolence

 Hillside TALK Campaign youth leaders wear orange to signify a commitment to nonviolence.

July 31, 2017

Youth leaders of the Hillside TALK Campaign shared a message of hope with their peers and neighbors when they hosted a Day of Nonviolence at the Hillside Terrace Family Resource Center on Friday, July 28, 2017.

The youth planned and coordinated the event, which featured fun and educational activities for kids of all ages and also a social media campaign to spread the message online. The youth encouraged their friends and family to post messages of nonviolence using the hashtag #TALKNVMKE. They also wore orange, a color associated with nonviolence.   

The campaign stems from the goals of the TALK Campaign, which stands for Take Action, Listen & Know (TALK), which encourages all members of the community to get to know the people around them in hopes of building a safer, healthier community together.

The TALK youth were invited to develop a summer project, and they decided to focus on the topic of nonviolence. Many children are exposed to direct or indirect violence in their lives, and the youth leaders wanted to advocate for peace and nonviolence in the community.

“I’m convinced that if we are going to put any dent in violence, we need to look to young people to help find the answers and encourage them to take the lead,” said Hillside Family Resource Center manager Ann Wilson.

Members of the Milwaukee Police Department attended the event, including Officer Jennifer Feather, who offered encouraging words to the group and applauded their work to help the community and police work together.  Youth from the Pieper-Hillside Boys & Girls Club and other neighborhood groups participated in activities to learn about the negative effects violence and ways they can help to reduce it.

“We wanted to do this so that people see the community has a partnership with the Milwaukee Police Department, and we are working together to help and protect our neighbors,” said youth leader Dayjanae Harris.  

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