Riverview Apartments Receives New Exercise Equipment

Riverview Exercise Room 8

The Housing Authority’s Riverview Apartments received a major upgrade this past week with the arrival of new workout equipment and a refurbished workout room. This result was the fruition of a two year process, guided by the Riverview Resident Council, which included purchasing and soliciting donations of equipment, both new and slightly used. Treasurer of the Council, Larry Dupree (pictured on medicine ball), showed off the new equipment to the residents for the first time today and went into detail about how each piece of equipment is used. Residents, including Jimmie Ellison (pictured on bike) and Roberta Richardson (pictured on abdominal machine), celebrated by testing the new equipment and discussing the workout routines they plan to follow. This event highlights the mission of HACM which subsists beyond just physical structures: fostering a strong, inclusive, and resilient community that embodies self-sufficiency, good quality of life, and the opportunity to thrive.

 Riverview Exercise Room 1

 Riverview Exercise Room 2

 Riverview Exercise Room 3

 Riverview Exercise Room 5

Riverview Exercise Room 6

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