About Performance Management

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Our Work

At HACM, we are a progressive, dynamic Authority where the contributions of our employees count toward making a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve. Employees participate in the decisions that affect our work. HACM leaders are expected to be flexible and responsive in meeting the needs of customers and employees. This is because, we as leaders, are committed to hearing the opinions of every employee while supporting employee accomplishments.

HACM's leadership team and managers are committed to developing a diverse workforce that acts with intelligence, vision, and resolve. They work together to promote equity, fairness and respectful treatment of employees and customers. HACM leadership recognizes its responsibility for providing the tools and atmosphere employees require to achieve positive results in our community.

Performance Management Process

Managing performance is not a one time event - it is an ongoing process based on four key events.

About Performance Management

  1. Planning
  2. Feedback & Coaching
  3. Evaluation and Development
  4. Incentive

HACM's performance management process continues throughout the year. Below are key milestones in the performance management process during the current fiscal year.

Mid June - July 1 Nov 15 - Dec 1 December 1-15 January

Strategic planning and budgeting process. 

Communicate current performance for current fiscal year.

Evaluate performance results and behaviors for the current fiscal year

Set goals for the next fiscal year.

Communicate performance results and next years goals with employees.

Incentive paid for the current fiscal year.



Values & Expected Behaviors

HACM employees can expect a safe work environment that promotes good physical and mental health. We are personally committed to approach our job and our professional relationships with honesty and respect for others. Customers can expect HACM to be a visionary and a resourceful Authority capable of solving the challenges that face us. We get things done efficiently in a reasonable amount of time. Our customers have the right to expect superior service and HACM is committed to providing it. 

HACM Core Competencies

HACM has three core values and eight supporting core competencies. Employees overall performance rating will be based on individual job results and behaviors demonstrated in accordance to HACM's core values and competencies. Examples are offered for each of the supporting behaviors to help illustrate what is expected of staff, leaders and managers. 

Works harmoniously with others to get a job done; responds positively to instructions and procedures; able to work well with staff, co-workers, peers and managers; shares critical information with everyone involved in a project. Helps to set a tone of collaboration within the work group, across groups and concerned stakeholders; coordinates own work with others; seeks opinions; values working relationships; when appropriate, facilitates discussion before decision-making process is complete.
Does more than is required or expected in the job; does things that will improve own competencies or enhance products and services, avoid problems, or develop entrepreneurial opportunities. Plans ahead for potential or anticipated problems or opportunities and takes appropriate action.
Strives to maintain the highest standards of personal integrity; displays exemplary behavior in every aspect of his work; identifies the most worthy steps and then takes them; when given a choice, always opts for the reputable route; finds and implements the sterling way to handle any ethically challenging situation. Fair and honest when dealing with others.
Flexible style; receptive to change. Possesses the ability to change, or be changed, to fit circumstances. Adjusts with ease.
Recognizes and values diversity. Respectfully accepts differences and considers other persons perspective; works cooperatively to optimize contributions of all. Solicits inputs and feedbacks and provide constructive feedbacks in return.
Demonstrates enthusiasm for and commitment to the achievement of agreed goals and objectives. Accepts responsibility for personal actions and learns from mistakes. Strives to overcome obstacles to achieve desired outcome.
Strives to consistently surpass what is common, usual or expected quality and quantity of output. Uses talents, abilities, and skills in the best way possible to achieve organizational goals. Makes the best and optimal decisions and actions given current knowledge and available resources.
Possesses an awareness of one's connection to, and interdependence with, others, to the extent to which a person is believed to have the best interests of the other in mind. It includes a high level of empathy that enables the capacity to genuinely care for another person, group, or organization. It is showing concern for the needs and interests of others and caring about them as much, or more, than those of your own. The motivation to care is not ego-driven or primarily profit-oriented.

Discussions about performance are to be conducted with due regard to accepted principles of courtesy, respect and an understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. Adherence to all the values detailed above will be the basis of building trust and “living the values”. 

Review the HACM Employee Handbook for additional information pertaining to HACM's philosophy, policies, standards and procedures.