Additional Leaves

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HACM Additional Leaves of Absence

Political Office Leave

Employees are required to take a leave of absence on the filing of their nomination papers for a political office if there is a contest for the office. Reinstatement is only made to fill a vacancy and not to displace a permanently appointed successor.

Personal Leave

A Personal Leave of Absence is an excused period of time away from HACM. To learn more about personal leaves of absence click Here.

Education Leave

Employees may request an unpaid leave of absence to pursue educational training. Such education must enhance your current position or relate to other employment opportunities within government. All requests are subject to approval by the Secretary-Executive Director of HACM. Leaves of absences, if granted, are approved for a maximum of one year at a time and do not guarantee or protect rights to reinstatement to the position previously held.

Bereavement Leave

In the event of a death in the immediate family, HACM provides full-time employees time off with pay up to a maximum of three (3) days for immediate family members. To get more information on bereavement leave click Here.

Military Leave

HACM complies with the State and Federal laws regarding the rights of employees who enter military service. To get more information on military leave click Here.

Jury Leave

Any time taken off for jury duty is treated as a paid absence for full-time employees. To learn more about jury leave click Here.