Since 1994, the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee's Homeownership Program has helped hundreds of people realize their dream of becoming homeowners. The program offers ways for public housing residents, rent assistance voucher holders and others to work towards acquiring an asset that can benefit their family and the community for generations to come.


HACM operates two programs to assist low-income Milwaukeeans in achieving the dream of homeownership. 

Section 32 Homeownership
This program assists people who live in HACM's public housing units, or people who would qualify for public housing based on their income, in preparing for and achieving a homeownership goal. Participants may be eligible for forgivable second mortgages if they choose to purchase a home sold by HACM. Learn more and apply for the Section 32 Homeownership Program.

Section 8(y) Homeownership
This program assists HACM Housing Choice Voucher Program participants in converting their housing voucher to a mortgage payment. Learn more and apply for the Section 8(y) Homeownership Program.


HACM offers beautifully rehabbed homes for sale in two categories: Section 32 Properties that are available to participants in the Section 32 Homeownership Program or the 8 (y) Homeownership Program and Market Properties that are available to any buyer. All homes have been beautifully rehabbed and are ready for move-in.


View our Homes For Sale inventory.

Whether you are a current homeowner, are seeking to purchase or build a home, or are an investor, the City of Milwaukee's Housing Help Web Tool can assist you in reaching your goals.



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