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Medical and Dental Insurance Eligibility

Employees hired on a full-time, regular basis become eligible for medical/dental benefits for themselves and their eligible dependents upon completion of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days of active service. Effective, January 1, 2019, part-time employees working 30 hours or more per week will fall within mandate for employer-provided health coverage. Enrollment in Health/Dental insurance programs is optional. Employees may select from a choice of available plans. Before choosing a specific plan it is in the employees best interest to learn how the benefits differ and which policy best suits the employees' specific needs. Each employee will be given an enrollment form during orientation. The employee must complete and return the forms to the Human Resource Department by the date he or she is eligible to enroll.

Benefit Elections

If employees do not select medical, dental, or life coverage when they become eligible, they will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to join. The benefit elections that employees select will remain in effect for the rest of the plan year until the next open enrollment, unless they have a change in their family or employment status that is considered to be a qualifying event in accordance with governing laws. Human Resources must be notified within thirty (30) days of a change in family status (i.e., birth, marriage, divorce, loss of other coverage, etc.) to be eligible to add a dependent.

Change in Coverage

There are some events that allow enrollment before the open enrollment period, (i.e., loss of other healthcare coverage for employee, spouse or dependents). However, Human Resources must be notified within thirty (30) days of the triggering event. A triggering event consists of a change in family status (i.e., birth, marriage, legal separation, etc.) in which the law permits the addition of an employee and/or their dependent(s), providing the employer is notified not more than thirty days after the event.

You may drop your coverage at any time during the year; however, employees can only re-enroll during open enrollment or following a qualifying event. If you feel you have experienced a qualifying event and would like to change one or all of your chosen plans, please notify Human Resources no more than thirty days after the event.

Adult Children Eligibility

For some benefits, employees may be able to elect coverage for adult children under the age of 26, regardless of their student status. If adult children are eligible for coverage under their own employer, they

are still eligible for coverage under their parent's insurance if their premium cost would exceed the extra premium cost their parent(s) would pay to add them to their coverage. Employees are not required to add eligible adult children; however, they may do so if they choose.