Healthy Rewards Program

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Healthy Rewards Program MilwaukeeHealthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

Healthy Rewards is the City’s incentive-based wellness program where participants can earn 3 levels of points to earn a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) up to $700 if spouse completes the program. Employees and Spouses must complete the Health Appraisal process to be eligible to participate in the Healthy Rewards Program. The Health Appraisal starts July 29th and ends December 7th.

Tiered Points and Awards System

75 Points = $150 (total) HRA | 100 Points = $250 (total) HRA | 125 Points = $350 (total) HRA.

How the Program Works

  • Participants must complete the 2019 Health Appraisal to be eligible for Healthy Rewards.
  • Employees and spouses who complete the 2019 Health Appraisal are automatically awarded bio-metric points.
  • If bio-metric results are outside of the optimal range and points do not meet the minimum 20 point requirement, participants have two options to earn points:
    • Complete appropriate health action plan(s) available through the wellness portal as soon as you receive your bio-metric results.
    • Have your bio-metrics rechecked at the Wellness Center or Workplace Clinic located inside the Zeidler building starting February 1, 2020.
  • Additional point opportunities (see other side) are available throughout the year and can be submitted at your health appraisal appointment, Wellness Center, Traveling Wellness Center, wellness portal or Onsite Nurse Liaison.
  • Allow up to 2 weeks for points to appear in the wellness portal. If points are not posted, refer back to the program details to ensure points meet program requirements.
  • Wellness portal: Visit your healthy rewards wellness portal to view your point balance, submit Healthy Reward paperwork, review program requirements, schedule coaching appointments and register for fitness and wellness classes.

Healthy Rewards Quick Link

Qualifying Bio-metric Ranges for Healthy Rewards* Points

Blood Pressure Optimal range: Systolic: Less than or equal to 120 Diastolic: Less than or equal to 80 10
Fasting Blood Glucose Optimal range: Less than or equal to 110 10
LDL Optimal range: Less than or equal to 130 10
Nicotine and Cotinine Negative test earns 10 points 10
Waist Circumference Optimal range Male: Less than or equal to 41 inches Optimal range Female: Less than or equal to 36 inches 10

Potential bio-metric points: (A minimum of 20 points required from this section) 50

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