Jury Leave Policy

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Jury Duty Policy

Any time taken off for jury duty is treated as a paid absence for full-time employees. HACM continues the employee’s salary during the period of active jury leave less any compensation provided by the court. The monies received will be reduced from the employee’s pay check, except for any reimbursements for lodging, transportation, and/or meals.

Advanced Notice

Employees must give advance notice to take time off for jury leave. Notice must be given to the employee's direct supervisor/manager as soon as the summons is received. In addition, proof of service must be submitted to the employee's direct supervisor/manager when the period of jury leave is completed.

Return to Work

If employees are dismissed from jury leave before the end of the workday, they must report to their supervisor for instructions on whether to return to work for the rest of the workday. Employees may be required to work the rest of the day where business conditions necessitate.