Personal Leave

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Personal Time Off


Full-time employees who have completed one year of continuous service may request a leave of absence for a period of up to sixty (60) days.

Unpaid Leave

A Personal Leave of Absence is an unpaid leave from HACM. HACM will require the employee to use all accrued paid time at the start of the leave of absence.

Personal leaves must be requested in writing in advance of the time the leave is to commence.

A leave must be approved before it can be taken. The Personal Leave of Absence Application form, signed by the supervisor in the appropriate area, along with a doctor's note stating the anticipated date of return to work (if taken for medical reasons that do not qualify for leave under the Wisconsin or Federal Family and Medical Leave Act), should be included in the request. The approved leave is to be forwarded to the Human Resource Department for processing.

If the personal leave is an emergency, the employee or a member of the employee’s immediate family must notify the Supervisor or the Department Head, or Human Resources if unavailable, as soon as it is practical. This should be followed up with a written explanation of the nature of the leave and the expected length of absence. In such emergency situations, the written explanation must normally be submitted within three (3) days of the beginning of the leave.

Benefits and Job Restoration

Reinstatement cannot be guaranteed to employees returning from personal leaves. Reinstatement with the Authority is contingent upon existing budgetary restrictions; the critical need to fill the vacancy, and the ability of the Authority to find a suitable temporary replacement. 

Employees on approved personal leave of absence will be required to pay their portion of their insurance premium for all insurance benefits in place at the time of leave.

Holiday pay will not be paid during the leave period. An employee does not accrue paid sick leave or vacation while on personal leave of absence.

Employees who do not return on the specified date will be considered to have resigned unless a written extension has been granted. The extension must be requested before the expected date of return and cannot exceed sixty (60) days from the original first day out.