Sick Leave

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HACM Sick Leave Policy

Eligibility and Accruals

Employees hired before January 1, 2013

Full-time non-exempt employees earn fifteen (15) working days of sick leave annually, which can accumulate up to 120 days at full pay. Exempt employees earn twelve (12) days of sick leave annually, up to a maximum of 120 days at full pay.

Employees hired after January 1, 2013

All employees earn twelve (12) working days of sick leave annually, which can accumulate up to 60 days at full pay.


Sick leave is earned beginning with the date of hire and can be used after six (6) months of employment. Employees absent from work during the first six months of employment are to consult with their immediate supervisor to determine if time is to be made up or if the employee will not be paid for lost time.

These sick leave provisions should not and will not be construed or applied in a manner that undercuts employee rights under the State and Federal FMLA laws.

Sick Leave Incentive Program

HACM offers a Sick Leave Incentive Program (SLIP) for full-time employees to recognize good attendance, and reward continued reductions in sick leave usage, through a special incentive of up to three days off per year with pay, or a cash payment for the equivalent amount.

For each trimester period for which an employee has not used any sick leave, Worker’s Compensation leave, been absent because of disciplinary actions, or been on unpaid leave, the employee shall earn 8 hours of special incentive leave, provided that the employee has a minimum sick leave accumulation in his or her account prior to the trimester period. The minimum sick leave accumulation requirement is 15 days (120 hours) for non-exempt staff, and 12 days (96 hours) for exempt staff. SLIP days must be used by December 31st of the year they were earned or they will be forfeited. Third trimester days will be credited to the following year.

Exempt employees who earn all three (3) SLIP day incentives also earn a fourth SLIP day at the end of the year, to be used by December 31st of the following year.