Vacation Leave

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HACM Vacation Policy

Vacation Leave

HACM provides and encourages time off, with pay, for the purpose of rest and relaxation and, when necessary, to address scheduled personal commitments or obligations.

Employees hired before January 1, 2013 

Full-time employees must complete twelve (12) months of actual service before being eligible for paid vacation. In some instances, employees with at least six (6) months of service may be permitted to take up to one week of vacation within the first year of employment if the employee is expected to complete a full year of service. If an employee is permitted to take vacation in advance of having earned it, the vacation pay must be repaid if the employee leaves HACM before completing one year of service. HACM reserves the right to recoup vacation from the employee’s last pay check.

Vacation time is earned and accrued as follows:

Vacation Time Hired Before 2013

Employees Hired after December 31, 2012

Full time HACM employees must complete 90 days of actual service before being eligible for paid vacation; City employees are eligible for paid vacation upon hire in accordance with the Milwaukee Code of Ordinances.

Vacation time is earned and accrued as follows:

Vacation Time Hired After 2012

Vacation Pay

Vacation pay is the employee's regular rate of pay, excluding overtime or holiday premiums.

Scheduling Vacations

Every consideration will be given to scheduling vacation at the convenience of the employee and seniority will be considered to the extent operations are not negatively affected. However, business requirements may make it necessary to limit the number of employees who may be absent from the departments at one time. Therefore, vacations must be scheduled in advance and with the prior written approval of the employee's manager or immediate supervisor. Where conflicts develop, they will be resolved as fairly as possible. Consequently, the final determinations of vacation schedules belong with the Authority based on business requirements.

All vacation requests must be made in advance and approved by the supervisor. Department managers/supervisors may determine the amount of advance notice required. Department managers/supervisors may, on occasion, deny vacation requests due to scheduling or work conflicts. Employees should schedule and/or make requests for vacation time through the employee Paycom portal.

Illness During Vacation

If the employee becomes ill while on vacation, available sick time may be used, in lieu of vacation, if a physician’s statement, or other proof of illness acceptable to HACM, is submitted.

Vacation Carry Over Limits

Employees may carry over up to 120 hours of vacation time into the following year.

Borrowing Vacation

Employees may be allowed to borrow up to 80 hours of vacation time at the discretion of the department head. All employees who leave employment will have the compensation for vacation time owed deducted from the employee’s last pay check.

Termination and Vacation Pay

Upon termination of employment with HACM, employees will be paid for earned, unused vacation leave provided two (2) weeks’ notice is given (and worked). Authority property is to be returned and all debts to the Authority are to be paid, unless termination is based on misconduct, as determined by management. Since the purpose of vacation is to allow employees time away from work, pay in lieu of time off will not be allowed in any other circumstance, unless the employee is on FMLA or WFMLA leave.

For more information on HACM's vacation leave policy, please review the 2019 HACM Employee Handbook.