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Affordable housing is just a first step in our efforts to reduce the impact of poverty in our community. We offer our residents access to programs and services that can help them improve their quality of life and achieve self-sufficiency. Many of these programs are not supported by federal or other funding sources, so we must seek new funding solutions, including donations from people like you.

Investing In Success

Your gift will support programs that fight poverty and change lives for the better. They are programs that work, including:


HACM's Education Initiative is an innovative program started in 2005 to ensure that youth living in public housing attend school and graduate from high school.  A remarkable 91% of high school seniors in the program have graduated, compared to approximately 70% of their peers.  The Initiative helps some of Milwaukee's most disadvantaged youth accomplish this first major achievement in adult life and move on to futures of self-sufficiency and fulfillment.  The Initiative is a pilot program in two HACM developments, and additional funding would enable HACM to expand it to other family developments.

Learn more about the impact of the Education Initiative on one family in this video from the ReThink Housing Campaign:


HACM's Scholarship Program helps to ensure that residents who are seeking to continue their education and work towards better employment prospects. Since 1998 HACM has awarded more than 300 scholarships worth over $600,000.  The true impact, though, is in the lives it has changed and the dreams it has helped come true.

Financial Education & Asset Building

HACM partners with the Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation to help families break the cycle of poverty through financial education and asset building. Make Your Money Talk is a four-session course that has provided over 1,500 individuals with practical strategies for gaining control of their finances, saving money, and investing in assets that can make a long-term positive impact on their family's quality of life.

Public Safety

Since the mid-1990's, HACM's Public Safety team has worked to promote safety, communication and connection in our buildings and neighborhoods. The team provides 24-hour service, 364 days a year, and helps to ensure that frail seniors, disabled adults and other vulnerable members of our community can access help when they need it. Public Safety also helps to build positive relationships between residents and fire, police and other public safety personnel. Because they are dedicated solely to HACM's buildings and developments, our Public Safety officers have knowledge and history that helps to ensure safety and good quality of life in HACM developments. Public Safety provides an important financial and social impact to the city of Milwaukee, providing nearly $5 million in savings annually by handling non-emergency calls that would otherwise be directed to the city's emergency personnel and by resolving lower-level public safety concerns.

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By combining our stable, affordable housing options with programs and services that can reduce poverty and change the trajectory of a low-income family's future, we maximize our positive impact on individuals and the community alike.

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HACM is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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