Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) Program

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The mission of the Housing Authority's Emerging Business Enterprise (EBE) Program is to empower EBEs to grow and develop in the public and private sectors, and establish presence and brand recognition leading to additional sales and revenue streams needed to add jobs to the community.

HACM has operated its EBE Program since 1998. The EBE Program creates business opportunities for the federally targeted group of minority and women-owned enterprises (M/WBEs) by creating a contracting process that includes prime contractors as partners in the growth and development of M/WBEs. The strategy has enabled HACM to meet or exceed its 20% EBE annual goal. To ensure that goals are being met, Prime Contractor Provisions for Subcontracting with Emerging Business Enterprises are included with bids and a three-pronged monitoring program between the prime, EBEs and HACM staff is utilized throughout the life of contracts.

HACM’s EBE Program is a highly-regarded and innovative program with foresight on ways to create employment. Partnerships with prime contractors are in process through joint venture and mentor-protégé relationships, enabling the growth and development of mature and established EBEs. These objectives help EBEs learn successful business management skills and build competencies in financial and business management -- areas needed to expand business. The public-private sector partnerships also help EBEs enter new marketplaces and acquire added revenue streams required for the creation of new jobs while sustaining employment.

EBE Provisions & Forms

For more information, please review HACM's EBE Provisions and Forms. Please note that these forms are included in the posts for each appropriate contracting opportunity. They are provided here for informational purposes.

Program Contact:
Gabriel DeVougas
(414) 286-2940

EBE Contracting at Westlawn Gardens
Learn about EBE contracting during the development of Westlawn Gardens in this video from Building Wisconsin:

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