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HACM fosters strong, resilient and inclusive communities in Milwaukee through its housing options and a variety of programs and services that help increase residents' opportunities to thrive.

Housing - HACM helps to stabilize neighborhoods and the lives of low- and extremely low-income people by providing a strong foundation of affordable housing in Milwaukee.

Community & Supportive Services - HACM works to connect its residents to programs and services that can improve quality of life and assist them in achieving self-sufficiency. These programs include assistance with education, employment, youth development health and well-being.

Public Safety - HACM operates its own Public Safety team to promote public safety among residents and throughout neighborhoods.

Computer Centers - Residents and neighbors are invited to utilize five computer centers located in HACM developments.

Homeownerhsip Program - HACM's Homeownership Program has helped over 500 low-income families to move into their own homes.