Support for Youth Development & Strong Families

HACM partners with several agencies to provide services to the youth and families who live in our family developments.

Day Care

Three licensed day care providers offer services to assist parents while they are at work or school:

Elaine Schreiber Child Development Center (Westlawn)
5460 N. 64th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53218
(414) 463-7950

The Elaine Schreiber Child Development Center is located in the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, and it has received a 4 star rating by YoungStar. The Center supports holistic growth and development among children 6 weeks to 12 years of age.

Tomorrow’s Future Early Childhood Center (Hillside)
1451 N. 6th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 276-8332

Day Care Services for Children (Parklawn)
6310 N. 46th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53216
(414) 445-3116
Day Care Services for Children is a licensed day care provider that serves children and youth from 3 months to 13 years old.

Youth and Family Development

HACM strong affiliations with agencies that provide a full menu of services for children, youth and families. The agencies provide a wide range of supportive programs including recreational, educational and leadership programs during after school and weekend hours and during the summer months.

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center
5460 N. 64th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53218
(414) 463-7950

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center is a nonprofit organization with a mission to build a safer, stronger neighborhood and community. Founded on the settlement house model in 1958, Silver Spring continues to provide wraparound services to more than 8,000 people annually. We hope you will find the information on this website informative and inspiring.

Parklawn YMCA (Parklawn)
4360 N. 46th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53216
(414) 873-9622

The Parklawn YMCA, built in 1996, is the first YMCA in the country to be built in a public housing project. The Parklawn YMCA is centrally located and a central hub of the Parklawn Community on Milwaukee’s north side. Featuring activities for kids and families including youth sports, after-school programs and health and fitness facilities, the Parklawn YMCA builds strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

Pieper-Hillside Boys & Girls Club (Hillside)
611 W. Cherry Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 291-0346

Boys & Girls Clubs provide a place where all youth, no matter their circumstances, can make great discoveries about themselves and engage in educational and recreational activities. And it’s all done in safe environments and led by positive role models and leaders.

Agape Community Center (Berryland)
6100 N. 42nd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53209
(414) 464-4440

Agape Community Center has been a beacon of hope, determination, support and success for thousands of area residents since 1986. As a community center, Agape has the unique advantage of welcoming youth, adults, families and seniors into its facility through a broad range of educational, social, recreational, cultural, health and life-long learning opportunities.