This program is for Housing Choice Voucher holders. Non-elderly/non-disabled participants receive homeownership for up to 15 years. Elderly or disabled participants receive assistance as long as they own the home. To qualify, applicants must:

  1. receive rent assistance through the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee 's Housing Choice Voucher Program.
  2. be employed full time (average of 30 hours per week) and have earned income of at least $15,000 per year (unless age 62 or older or disabled).
  3. be a first time homebuyer or not have owned property in the past three years (unless displaced through death or divorce).
  4. be current with rent and compliant with all lease obligations.

Call the program at (414) 286-5043 for additional information.

Download the Section 8(y) Homeownership Program Brochure for more information and the Section 8(y) Application.