Senior & Adult Disabled Housing Program

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The Housing Authority provides subsidized housing for low-income persons who are elderly (62 years of age and older) or near elderly (persons 50-61 years of age and older) and adults with disabilities. View our properties that offer these types of housing on the Senior Housing page and Adult Disabled Housing pages.


Applications for this housing program are accepted on a continual basis. Apply by printing the Pre-Application for Seniors and Disabled Adult Housing, completing it and mailing it to us. PLEASE NOTE: A single application is required for all senior and adult disabled buildings. You do not need to submit an application for each building you may be interested in.

Income Restrictions

Household income cannot exceed limits established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development:


(80% of Milwaukee County Median Income)
Maximum Household Income Allowed Per Year*

1 Person $46,950

2 Persons $53,650

*Flat rent and maximum income limits are subject to change.

The majority of our apartments are one-bedroom apartments; however, a few two-bedroom units are occasionally available for those households requiring a second bedroom.

Update Your Waiting List Information

If you are on the waiting list and would like to update your information, please contact our Housing Intake Office at (414) 286-5678.

Designated Housing Plan and Preference

HACM has a HUD-approved designated housing plan in effect at this time. A designated housing plan allows us to designate some of our locations for elderly occupancy and some locations for mixed occupancy of elderly and adults with disabilities. Applications received are all date and time stamped. Preference (or priority) on the list is given in this order: 1) elderly and persons with disabilities (equal preference); and 2) the near elderly (50-61 years of age).

Because the buildings were originally built for the elderly, no minor children are allowed to live in them. If you have minor children, or anticipate having minor children live with you, our family waiting (general occupancy) list is closed at this time. In addition, these buildings are specifically designated for elderly, disabled and near elderly individuals only. Individuals under the age of 50 who aren’t disabled (also known as “singles”) are not eligible to live in these buildings. “Single” individuals may apply for our family (general occupancy) housing program when that waiting list is open. Our family (general occupancy) waiting list is closed at this time. Visit the Housing page for information about additional housing options.


Rent is generally based on 30% of your income. A security deposit equal to one month’s rent or $150 (whichever is greater) and the first month’s rent is required at the time of leasing.

Approval Process

For applicants who meet the income criteria, a credit report, criminal history and three-year rental history (landlord references) will be obtained and verified, and your household income and assets will be verified to determine if your application will be accepted. Applicants who do not meet our selection criteria will not be approved for housing.

Waiting Time

The amount of time you will be on the waiting list depends on: 1) date and time you applied for housing, 2) your preference on the list, and 3) anticipated unit availability. Due to these variables, it is difficult to make estimates regarding individual wait times.

Apartments and Amenities

All apartments include utilities, a stove and refrigerator. All buildings have card-accessed secured lobbies. We have 24 hour emergency maintenance and security staff to respond to emergency situations. A small pet (dog or cat up to 30 pounds) is also welcome (security deposit required). We offer a number of social service, recreational and employment assistance opportunities.

Reasonable Accommodation

Upon reasonable notice, efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals through sign language interpreters or other auxiliary aids. For additional information or assistance, please contact Pat Schmidtknecht, 504 Coordinator for the Housing Authority at (414) 286-8562 (voice) or (414) 286-3504 (TDD). Ms. Schmidtknecht can also be reached by writing to her at Housing Authority, P.O. Box 324, Milwaukee, WI 53201 or by emailing her at